Episode 14: Prospect Messaging

Episode 14: Prospect Messaging

In episode 14 of Scale to Success we cover prospect marketing, the basis of all marketing automation! If you haven’t listened to the prior two episodes in this 3 part series, check them out here (you need this info in order to get the messaging right)!

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There are 4 types of prospects and each requires a unique marketing message:

1) The Loiterer – They don’t know you. Might be satisfied or in the wrong place. Are they in your target audience? Be very clear so they can know ‘in or out’.

  • Help prospects decide this as soon as possible with your Unique Selling Proposition.
  • If you don’t have a clear message you won’t convert.
  • Catch their eyes with:
    • Clear copy on the home page and landing pages
    • Business name / logo
  • Entice theme to become a Looker. Give them a call to action – “this is what I have been looking for!”
    • Michael Port – Who do you serve and what do you do? Who and do what?

2) The Looker – Has wants and preferences. They sense that there might be something good here, but might not have a need for it.

  • The looker wants to know how your product will change their life (not from a facts and figures standpoint), but from a benefits standpoint. What will my life will be like with this service?
    • Testimonials, case studies, imagery on a landing page.
    • Specific testimonials or case studies – what is life like?
    • Logos are typically loiterer content, but if you have a great one it might tell a story.
  • Looking for: How are you changing their life?

3) The Shopper – Identified a need, but are unsure if they need it from you. Searching the market.

  • Messaging has to be around the benefits. Partner with a prospect to figure out their needs.
  • Who would you rather deal with? Someone who asks what you want? Or someone who just throws things at you?
    • Consulting with your prospects
    • This can be through email, questionnaires, product selection surveys – are you dealing with this or that? Emphasize the benefits the shopper receives.
    • Benefit rich content leads, not facts and features. Advantage is something nice, but the customer might not care about it.

4) The Buyer – Ready to transact. You are the winner!

  • Tell the buyer how to transact. This should be easy!
  • For example: Click a link on the email to buy now, or ask for a quote. Make the deal simple and easy to close. People just want to buy!
  • Don’t just assume your process is good. Walk through the process yourself and take note of where the hangups are!

In order for your prospecting messaging to really be effective – you need to first create a customer profile. Get our free fill-in-the-blank guide from episode 12 to do so, then come back!

[yellowbox] Bonus: Download your free prospect messaging worksheet. [/yellowbox]

Next episode is on how to execute!



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